Life Is Horrible For Me

one day everything good next day my life is aliving night mare my son who is 16 has bipolar and was sick and out of the house for six years so ibecame friend lier with a coworker , i spent over 9,150.00 on him in three years , it turns out he was never afriend and tells me he never gave afabout me he was just being friendly because i gave him stuff,after hearing this i hit rock bottom my life fell apart i had ababy with my husband about two years ago kevin james jombe , this crazy cyo lady because of joey wanted the baby out of the house the baby had to go to mysiternlaw she believes the baby is hes when we have shared leagal custody my husband and i went bankrupt the friend got me fired tried to write me and say he dint mean to do it can we make a compromise bull,i got my job back at another store joey came home in june to a disater of alife we have now i feel horrible that everyone is so mirable mean part of when this friend huted me real bad i strted hurting my self to try to take away the pain from the emotional pain we have nothing in the bank we lost a big pay cut this year the friend made out like amillionare im the one that had to pay the price for everything it is not fair how long am i going to have to suffer.i could use anyone to talk to ihave no family or friends thanks
dolly99 dolly99
41-45, F
May 17, 2012