i have always been at the wrong time, at the wrong place. i was always behind what everyone else did. i have memory problems and i am honestly a little slow, but i value honesty, loyalty, and hold friendship highly. but i think that i am meant to be a loner and as i do long for a closeness with someone i feel it is beyond me. i have a great family that loves me, but can't say that i have any real friends. other than the people i have met here, but in real life, i am boring, quiet, forgetful and perhaps coming across as shallow, as i don't open up to others in  my work. i like everyone there i don't trust them though. and i have learned that it is easier to quietly work thru the problems in life. most things resolve themselves. but when people hash and rehash issues that grow greater. i resolve to give them to God and let the source of love take over. but at work i can't openly talk of God as someone will get affended.

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peace unto you dear friends also. it is so very powerful to feel the genuine love that God gives to us as individuals and then we give it to each other. Agape love, pure, and flowing from heart to heart. growing and overflowing, never ending as God desires us to live as humans. truly it is, what we want so much for ourselves as people, is already within us. it is the Love that comes from our Creator. we just are so blinded by the problems that our mind produce. thanks for reminding me that i am valued as i value both of you. i feel complete,whole, in that i am receiving the same love that i felt for my dear friend Claudia before she died in November. i felt such a loss, but i know she is well. you both have helped me remember that all i am to do in life is be love for all the world to see. and if the world doesn't see my life as valuable i have done my part. God is the only one i must please. if either of you travels to Texas let me know, i would enjoy that time together.

You are my friend Charlee17 and I value your stories and comments. I absolutely do not think you are boring or shallow and if you are forgetful, who cares - I think we all are as we get older. Your stories about your spirituality always lift me up. If you didn't live so far away from me, I would call you up for coffee or tea, take you to a movie, or rent one - just hang out and talk. It may not be in person, but I believe you can have real friends here on ep too!<br />
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Big Hugs from sunny Hawaii! Thank you for being my friend.