Levels Of Friendship

This is something I've been thinking for a while and it helps me to know who are my friends and what kind of friends they are. Some people divide friendship in just one category: friends. But it is unjust to say all the people you know are your friends. There are best friends and occasional friends, etc. So I came with 5 levels of friendship:


Friendship level 1: These are the people you see everyday and have the occasional small-talk. Commonly you meet them at work or maybe it's the clerk from the store nearby. You talk with them about the weather or last Sunday game. But your relationship with them stops when you get out of work or leave the store. It can also be the neighbor that you say "hi" all mornings.

Friendship level 2: You see this people at parties from the office or it could be your "friend's friends". It is usual to meet them at birthday parties. You talk to them, tell jokes, drink and have a great time. At the end of the party it's like they are your friends but you never talk to them again until there is another event. You don't feel that comfortable to call them on the phone. Or you call them but they never call back, they don't want to continue with the friendship or they are too busy to add you as a friend in their lives. In the level we can find co-workers, your "friend's friends" or maybe old school mates that you see only in the holidays, at weddings or other special occasion but they don't call you back or are always too busy to hang out with you. It's also important you you almost always have trivial conversations.

Friendship level 3: In this category we can find what most people call "friends".  It's people that you have had a long relationship with. He/she is interested in hanging out with you so you are not always the first one to invite him/her to do something. Even if you are not in the same city as them, they stay in contact with you. As you spend some time with these people, your conversations are not always trivial, you can confide some aspects of your life with them. The most important aspect is the it must be mutual. They must also have some degree of trust in you. Your hanging out isn't limited to parties or the club.

Friendship level 4: "Best friend" is the key word for this level. It has all the characteristics of level three but with one huge difference: you completely trust this person. You can share secrets, dreams, fears and hopes. You hang out or stay in touch in a regular basis, this is important. You actually miss him/her if they are not around you and it must be mutual 'cause friendship is a matter of two persons. When they say that you can count you true friends with the fingers of one hand, they are talking about this level of friendship.

Frienship level 5: It's the ideal friendship. These person is more like your brother/sister. You are even ready to die for them. It's your soul mate and express what the word "love" means. It's the highest level of affection you can have for another human being without being a romantic relationship. This level is hardly ever seen in real life, think more about the relationship of T.V. or books character like Sam and Frodo, Legolas and Gimli, the friends from "Friends", Harry, Ron and Hermione, well, I guess you get me.

   What do you think about this? Please, tell me how many friends and in which level can you put them. For me it is:

Level 1: +-2

Level 2: +-15

Level 3: 2

Level 4: 0

Level 5: 0

moviefan13 moviefan13
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2 Responses Feb 17, 2010

I really can't count the friends in level 1 and 2 because there's too many. But level 3: 11, level 4: 2.

wow...cool. and pretty acurate i think.