I had a nice family, but it sure would've been nice if I hadn't felt so ugly.  All my so-called peers, from elementary school up into junior high, teased me about being a dog, which is what you called an ugly girl.  I was skinny as a rail and had stringy hair and an overbite.  My clothes were never cool.  Also, I was a big crybaby.  Things would've been so different if only I had had the least bit of self confidence.  I think kids are being raised differently these days.  They're more likely to get their egos stroked, and they're more involved in extra curricular (sp?) activities that give them a better sense of themselves.  In my childhood, my goal was just to go unnoticed.  Crying defeated this, but I did hide how depressed I was from my parents.  If I'd had more interests outside of school, I probably would've been able to handle things better.  The bigger your world, the less you focus on just yourself.  But heck, I was a kid!  :)

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You just said it. Thanks for explaining so clearly what I think many, many of us have felt. Our experiences in childhood contribute to the people we are as adults, but how I do wish I had some of the "me" that is now back then!

Awww! Thanks girl! :)

I feel a lot more pretty, but I still have trouble with my confidence. Thanks for asking! Looks aren't so important now, but I'm definitely out of my awkward stage and worrying how others see me.