I Wish.

I gave up having children for my husband. It was the stupidest mistake of my life. At forty-two, my clock is done ticking.

My husband is ten years older and had three children when we met. He didn't want more, and I stupidly thought he would be enough for me.
Something I regret everyday. I'm the youngest in my family. Neither my older brother nor I had children. I'm the last of my family. The tree will end here. As I age, eventually, I will be alone, without the love of family, and without anyone to give my love to.

Lately I've been thinking of adopting, but I'm in an unhappy marriage, and if I were single, I would probably not be a good candidate for adopting. I've missed out on one of the largest life experiences a woman can have. I guess it wasn't ment for me.
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I forgot to ask, how old were the kids when you married?

14, 10 and 2. He is eleven years older than I am.

I have similar issues in my marriage. Before we were married I discussed with my spouse my desire to NOT have an only child. I have several friends who are teachers and they all tell me they have no problem picking out those who are the only child in their family. We suffered a miscarriage then had our beautiful son and a year after that she announced "the factory is closed". And instead of going thermonuclear and threatening to leave her I bit my tongue. A large amount of the problems in our marriage come from me biting my tongue. Now the only time I enjoy the joyful noise of children is when his friends are over. Of course my wife can't stand it when his friends are here. So don't bite your tongue! Renegotiate if possible and if not get your feet moving!

I know...I'm working on an exit plan. I hope in the future I can find a family to adopt ME. I've been with my husband 20 years and never once recieved a mother's day card r call from his children. I always hoped we could be close, but no matter what I tried, they have always been distant with me.

Oops...missed an "o" that should have read "or" lol.

Probably you still can, if you are not gone through menopause... I know women had babies at 48...