Why Not Me?

i am 31yrs old and i have no children.i really don't have anyone i can share this pain with because all of my friends in my age bracket have kids and they all say the same thing"you're soo lucky"!! how in the world can they say that?don't they know how precious their children really are?what if i end up alone in this world ,what if i end up in a nursing home with noone to come visit me...what if i end up wandering this big blue ball alone.in my 20's i was ok but now im in my 30's and i cant ignore anymore how fast time is passing by.i just wish i knew what it was to have a human being formin in my body...what it was like to give birth...what it was like to love someone truly and completely unconditionally.i'm old enough to know that it won't be a walk in the park,but i'm up for the challenge.WHY NOT ME?
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Because you might be a mature person. Embrace that!

Spend 24 hours with me when you're fertile....I promise you that you'll have a healthy baby swelling up your belly when I'm done breeding you!

I am a 27 yr old female, who, not by choice, had to move back in with my parents. I have had the 'biological clock' ticking for almost a year. I want children in the worst way, but unfortunately that requires a man to be in my life--for life. A stable job, of which I don't have a job at all. Getting out of my parents house, would be good...although, financially, I can't right now. As much as I want children, and for my future children to get to know my family, I know I am in NO POSITION to have even one child. It saddens me to no end knowing tons of people my age and YOUNGER are married w/ kids...and then there's ME...single w/o kids, and knowing for right now, the reality of it all is, as much as I want a child, or children....I have to accept for right now, that would be unfair to bring a child into the world. Love isn't enough to raise a child and boy do I have it...I just realize the means of the requirements as per raising a child in this day in age. I feel ya hun, I really do! Perhaps you could try Match.com or some other SAFE dating-on-line avenues. It might point you in the right direction. Maybe, you could ask a guy out that you thought of asking but was too afraid of the answer. Strength, self-confidence and persistance will get you far. Date more...find who you mesh with most. Find out first what you want out of a man. Figure out what attributes you have that you believe to be your weaknesses and find a man who's strengths are your weaknesses & vice versa. I wish I knew it all chica and I'm following the path to the corner of Spinster Circle and Old Maid's Court. All I can say is good luck, hope some of what I said made sense or helps, perhaps both! Take care! ---Phoenix

I read your reply to someone who wanted to have children.Iwonder what happend all these years.Did you get married or kids or both.

I did not get married by did end up getting pregnant, finding out at 4 weeks along in November of 2010. I was with, who I thought was, the man of my dreams and that has been extinguished. The best part that came of that whole situation was our Son, Wyatt, who is a healthy and beautiful 1 1/2 year old baby boy!! Thanks for asking!

P.S. I have sinced moved from my parents house, into my own place, now trying to find another before the end of this month (LONG STORY) and have enrolled into Nursing School to get my Associate's Degree in Nursing, then a few semesters to get my RN. Also planning on furthering my education if I can!

You can always go to one of those ***** clinics and have one that way. But best to wait for someone. It's just an alternative. A just in case kind of thing. I am 20 and already want kids. Kind of strange for a guy this young to want kids already, lol. But family is everything to me and I want one.