How Strange..

if i had a child i would have priorities..put aside all problems,i ll be in this world just for my child..first my child,then me..the whole thought just change me i think somehow...i wouldn change as person but the thoughts i think...

i would never ignore my child or hurt him/her..i would be a parent and a friend..i think thats how it should be..maybe an overprotective parent but yeah...

i would try my best to be a good parent.... whatever i miss,my child would have.. i would be the most lucky person coz i know kids are a gift.. they deserve the best..

then again....i dont think i ll ever be a mom for some reasons but sometimes i wish this..really a child would change everythin ..and i ll do my best to protect it. a bedtime story,a prince/princess in this world.. :) yeah that makes me smile ..

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i didn ask..what is attainable?

It sounds like you have your priorities in order and when you get ready to be a mom I think that you will be a great. Parents do put their kids ahead of them so much and it is the parent that comes out ahead in the long run... <br />
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Great goals and they are attainable....



those types of wishes should be called goals....because i think it's attainable :) the world needs more loving parents

idk if i ever have a child and ...i know a child needs two parents too.... so.. i guess is only wish..

you'll be a great mom because you do feel this way. one caveat: from your yes and no answers, i get that you are not, for whatever reason, necessarily committed to having a baby WITH someone. unfortunately, children do tend to do best when exposed to the nurture of both genders. just make sure your child gets that somehow. :)


hi AmyMA<br />
First the Wish! Wonderful words here!<br />

hugs lorraine..<br />
yeah understand..

Oh Amy, you would be the most wonderful mother and your child would be greatly blessed to have all the love and attention you are so eager to give. I know you are full and over flowing with love and you are right... a child would change your whole point of view.<br />
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I know because I remember having these very same thoughts for the many years before I was blessed with a full-term pregnancy. <br />
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Despite some distress Sam has given me, I still wouldn't change anything... He was and still is, the centre of my world.<br />
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Empty would be my life without him....<br />
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I am living proof that single parents can do the parenting thing without a partner... though I wish I did have the opportunity to have a loving husband.... I wasn't going to let that stop me from having a child. <br />
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There is so much joy in raising a child that you hardly ever notice that you put yourself last when thinking of their needs.<br />
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I do hope you have this opportunity.... you would be such a wonderful mother, and your child would be so lucky to have you as a mom.

yeah.i know..

hehe :)<br />
thanks june*

Hahahahahaha.. AP, you'd be the fussy grandpa :D<br />
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You'd make a great mother, Amy!


umm..still answer would be yes and no...

Matbe a special father that is not a drunk or on druge but loved you and the child more each day. There are such men...DD

...umm idk,,for some reasons..yes and no

I hope you get your wish. <br />
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Would you want a loving man in your family? I just noticed you didn't say anything about a father to help you. If that is none of my bussiness I am sorry to have said anything...DD


:)im sure u would be a good mom too*