I dont know I've never really wanted kids ever, not once in my whole life.. But now Im deeply in love with my boyfriend and I dont know.. its the first time in my life I've ever considered having kids and settling down and its all because of him. I'd love to have a child with him.. not within the next year or anything but sometime, I hope for a child in the nearish future. :) I know he'd make an amazing father figure and I've always been pretty good with kids, maybe because im still immature and playful like one. I'm sure I'd grow up a great deal when the time comes though. The thought of being a mother sounds nice to me now and I can't wait for all of that someday.

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He actually wants them more than I do. I dont know why you keep comming at me negativly, sad.

oh ****...I did not see this until after I wrote that letter.......<br />
I seriously doubt he feels the same way....ask him....