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I Wish I Had A Dad.

I've lived in many different places. I was born in Germany while my dad was doing war business.

I can only remember some of those times, barely. The old mobile home I used to live in, the fields I explored with my dad...

We ended up moving again, across the state. In our new home we barely had enough money to buy food and clothing.

A few years later we moved one last time, this place was something amazing to me and mom, it was bigger then any place I'd ever lived in before, I happily played keyboard and ate the night we moved in...

Over years though, I started seeing my dad less, we was moving to all the time and getting many new jobs. We had some great times together though, we went fishing and had some of those moments together you just don't forget, some of those amazing adventures... Those times you just wish you could see and have again.

One of those years my parents got divorced and I ended up public school for the first time. I wasn't ready for all that, I never had any friends, I was made fun of... I couldn't take it...

Dad was always my main role model, the one I looked to and learned from, now I was on my own, only questions being my philosophy. About 6 years later, now, I'm 15 years old and a high school freshmen. I don't know where dad lives, we lost contact with him, he's somewhere out there. For reasons I cannot say he can never come back, I can't ever see him again. What about those good times we had? We wont have them again. Yet, can I really bare to see ihm again...

I feel so alone, god I just wish I had a dad again.

Abrum Abrum 13-15, M Nov 21, 2009

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