I Always Wanted A Daughter

I am 52 years old. I have 3 sons aged 30, 26 and 23. The oldest is married. Whoever said to you that you'll have daughter in laws doesn't realize that its not the same. Have you ever heard the saying? "A daughter is a daughter all her life, a son is only a son until he takes a wife" I can tell you that is a true statement. My son and his wife had my grandson a year and a half ago. I was never included in any part of the pregnancy. No updates from doctor appointments. They never tell me anything about what going on with my grandson. I have never done anything to make them not share things with me. I don't know why its this way. It makes me not like my daughter in law, but maybe its my son's fault. I don't know.
I feel sad and sorry for myself every day
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I have 3 sons...2 grandsons...I understand what you are saying. It is different I think. BUT they do their best to try to keep me included. That being said, I am not my daughter in laws Mother, and it isn't the same. They have a special bond. And for sure, none of my sons are going to want to just hang out and go shopping.