I Wanna Know What It Feels Like To Have A D*ICK

So, of course this will never be a real life experience, but in my mind it might as well be. If only I could have a D*ICK  just for a day.....

I could see myself  standing in front of a full length mirror admiring my  thick long organ. What it would feel like to rub my thumb across the bulging veins as I stroked it to life. That silky mushroom shaped head, so soft  and yet still so firm....ugh...I would probably squirt all over my toes just by running the pad of my index finger along the slit of it's tip. That shiny clear fluid of my precum would be dripping  from it as if it were drooling.

My, my , my, ...oh my...my own P*ussy is sooo wet right now just thinking of how it would be to feel it throb from the inside out. The shiver that would shake my entire body as I sank it down into the most perfect mouth- HOT...Wet...softness... against my own hard throb. Oh...how it would feel to have the almost non existent scrape of 1,000 tastebuds torturing the sensitive skin around my balls,- licking and suckling them until they contracted into one huge hard mass just under the bass of my shuddering D*ICK.

Insanity would take over, as soft small hands explored the span of my shaft, while that same soft ,fleshy ,pink tongue popped the head, first in and then out accompanied by little sucking noises. It would be all I could do not to whimper like that gurl inside me with absolute pleasure as I sank my hands into the softest, most sweetest smelling hair.

What it would feel like to actually shoot a load of sticky hot *** out of this wonderful member of mine....The veins all jumpin in sync with my heart as I roared my appreciation to the world.

O...what it would feel like to just have a D*Ick for a day....
If only.....

ThatGurlThatLife ThatGurlThatLife
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2010

True, that's all nice, but men don't feel the way women do. Penises aren't sensitive like vaginas and men aren't sensual like women are. Sex feels a lot better for women. For men, it's like you're on fire and need to be put out all the time. For women, sex is a pleasure, for men it's a relief XD <br />
<br />
Of course, that's a pleasure in itself. Being detached from it the sensations. Being able to **** something or someone without quivering or melting yourself. Staying hard and owning someone else by bringing them to climax. That's the real joy ;)

That is a wonderful story!