Drowning In Sorrow...

I'm lonely, i haven't had a friend i can talk to in three years. I'm troubled, you can say its one of the perks of solitude. I've been betrayed by my sister, and honestly, im not sure if the betrayal hurts the most or the solitude. Someone please be my friend. As pathetic as it sounds, I would prefer to listen to someone else's troubles, then my own. Im drowning in my sorrow, and I can't swim. This life seems like an eternity. I'm tired of being alone, im tired of the  faint voice in my head being my only companion for 20 years. I've drown my soul in alcohol, buried my brain in books, and learned to be alone. I just cant go on any longer. help me. please.
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3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

ive added you to my circle, message me, im a really good listener and have my own fair share of problems

hi..............<br />
<br />
He is I<br />
I am me.<br />
<br />
Time<br />
And Time<br />
And Time<br />
And Time Again.<br />
<br />
Time, it was my friend.<br />
Time and time again.<br />
<br />
Writings all over the walls come down.<br />
Movies playing in my mind all drown.<br />
Showing me that all it takes is time<br />
To mend,<br />
All it takes is time to rend-<br />
<br />
-er my mind,<br />
Breaking time,<br />
Drowning sorrow so<br />
It falls, it falls, it falls, it falls<br />
Into nonexistence, and I<br />
<br />
Can't take this life,<br />
So he will die...<br />
<br />
But so can I.<br />
<br />
-Not today, but long after tomorrow,<br />
Unless God wills, I'll drown my sorrow.<br />
Drowning sorrow so it can never<br />
Walk across my mind again.<br />
<br />
<br />
Hating hate so I can find an end<br />
To the violence of my heart,<br />
And I can find a friend<br />
That will never let me down<br />
If I just let my sorrow drown.<br />
<br />

Hey your story is kinda like mine, I know betrayal is something that words can't even describe and being alone all the time seems like the world is against you and you have no choice but to learn how to defend yourself, even when the only enemy around is yourself. Oh let me tell you something it doesn't sound pathetic to ask for a friend you are reaching out and some people don't even begin to reach out, so congrats on giving yourself a chance and YES if you want to I could be your friend and we'll help each other as much as we can, How does that sound? I await your reply.