My Life So Unlived

I wish I had a special friend- a hot young guy to take me out to the ekka at night. I know it sounds dumb but it would be so nice- cuz I have never been at night or with a guy. I'd love to see the fireworks with someone sweet and be able to hug them and feel loved. a special male friend would be so nice. just to take me out occassionally for a hot date, dinner or night club dance, to the movies and drive in or to the cafes or southbank for long night drives and beaches, parties. I never get invited and I really wish I had someone wonderful to turn to who would care and be gentle and - I would do anything for a hot guy, even get the motivation to loose weight. I feel so fat and ugly. i;d like a nice group of friends. i wish I looked pretty and thin again so guys would like me.
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

thanks i just don't have much motivation in me to loose weight- i think i am just too old to pretend i am a pretty young girl. i don't think many nice guys would appreciate an old bag in her late 30's trying to be younger than what she is.

what i think is you should change yourself. Once you are self-confident. And make them see that you are a hot girl. As I experienced is boys even when they are choosing their just ordinary friends They care about appearance. Be open-minded. Don't be shy around boys. Just be yourself. Guys make great friends. Good luck. Love is on the road just a few steps away. I'm sure you'll find it. Every girls impress boys on their own way.:D