Full Body Extravaganza...opinion Please??

Hi..I'm a 19 year old boy. I am straight. For some reason I am quite feminine...just the way I am..I was thinking of getting a full body wax...I'd prefer to have soft smooth skin instead of rough hairy skin..apparently it's weird for a guy to get this..a lot think this...I also worry about my chance of ever gettin a girl..apparently that's what it's about..having a girl..atleast that's what my friends think...they question my sex life..if I'm gay cause I've not had a girl...is there even a such thing as a girl that likes feminine men...and i know for a fact no girls like hairless men..I can understand them questioning me for some reasons..I got questioned for gettin eyeliner..having a leopard print phone..wearing really skinny leggings..my obsession with Disney...my Winnie the pooh onesies and ofcourse waxing...can someone please give me an opinion on waxing???...or does anyone know Whats wrong with me??
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is there really a question?
Do we have a totally distinct answer for any of your feelings by interjecting our life experiences. We can come close but not exact. Physical abnormalities occur in birth and many have to live with it. Is it the start of a new breed of homo sapiens? Who knows. The person living that life is the only true comparison in regards to the so-called average looking person.

Which brings up another thought, " average". That has to be concluded by taking in to consideration a large group of people from the far left say, different physical traits to the far right with a seemingly perfect physical trait. Age of parent, food supply, personal diet, geographic location , etc. ,etc. ,etc. all have to aid in the physical development of a fetus and of an eventual human being. And as I am not a doctor or scientist there are all the other traits of genes and the anti-genes along with development of physical traits, ie breasts, vagina, uterus, penis ,nose , ears, eyes and hair with all it's colors and textures.
Not even talking about skin color. These all seem to have the average and abnormalities . so why can there not be the same for thought and feelings of differing sexes in opposite or seemingly opposite bodies. Which enters the point that maybe such so called an opposite body is really just a reason not to acknowledge a third, fourth, fifth , on and on gender.
We are human with thought it's just the thought is wired with different intense feelings. Who new that animals in the wild could communicate? Whales talk to their young. Astounding!

Wanting to dress and act in a different gender. Hmmm.
Been around for ages. History supports such if you read and not just watch it in a movie.
The problem of acceptance by the " normal" person enters the next challenge which can over whelm young people and they then dissolve themselves.
I always thought I was odd and held back all my desires. Society defined me. So all in all where do we arrive? or like the continuing development of cells and societys' acceptance do we acknowledge no "normal" person exists and use the where-with-all of computer aided functions to develop more than 6 billion types of "Normal" people?
I am living as I see fit and on and on life goes.

ohh yes.. I am too .. PM me

hi ! it hurts ! nice and smooth longer ! good luck !

Sure,NOTHING so ure not like other guys so what? Ure awesome just the way u r ,btw there's nothing wrong with a hairless man