Tired of Living In "Office Space"

The benefits and perks are nice, it's comfy and everything, but there's gotta be something more... something that gives back to society... something that makes a difference in someone's life... not just something that increases and enforces their tax obligations... I'm good at what I do, but I'm not passionate about it.  I really don't like my job, it's almost over it's trial period anyway, I want to move onto something else... but I'm not sure what.  I really want to advocate for the rights of oppressed people around the world or something to do with humanitarian aid... something outside my cubicle walls and "daily grind" man-made prison...
bravogrl27 bravogrl27
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2 Responses Apr 30, 2007

I speant 5 years working in a non-profit shelter for abused women and children. SO FAR, the BEST job i have EVER had, other than being a MOM!!

I hope you do. The world needs more people to care about it. I admire you.