Things I Need!

Note: Don't read it if you don't have time.

I really need a magical wand because I don't have a job or anyone to take care of me (financially too)...
I have been trying to get a job but I am not that lucky!
Well, I was thinking about the things I need nowadays... They are important though not expensive ( but think like a person who don't just have a few bugs in bank account)
The List:
A Regular Honey bottle (all is finished and i dont consume suger)
1 or 2 dresses! ( have tired of wearing old ones as they have now became my identity)
A pair of shoes ( terribly need them! My feet are aching in these old ones! )
2 books ( they are university recommended books! expensive!)

PS : I dont need any financial help and dont feel sorry for me but if you have a magical wand plz gimme for a day. Moreover, if you think reading this story was a wastage of time I am sorry for that!
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Please elaborate :D

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