I Wish You All The Best

I was walking towards the CBD to go to the local pharmacy to get some medicines for my fever and sore throat when I saw a man begging for some money. I felt a sudden pull or maybe even an attraction. I watched him closely.

He had his head bent down and his chin on his knees. He sat down quietly. I looked at his attire. It didn't look shabby. His shoes were well made.

I had the urge to talk to him.. But read the cardboard message instead. It read "I need a place to stay and some money for a few days. I will pay you back".

Everyone went past him. I looked around and waited. I hid myself behind a tree to look into my handbag.

I checked my purse and when I looked up, the authorities were there to usher him into the police car.

I saw him looking at me through the car window. We stared at each other. I saw the grey eyes, deep and intense following me every step I took.

I smiled, whispered 'good luck' and waved. The police car drove off, he turned his head and waved back.

This incident reminded me of another one when I was in Melbourne. A similar story but with a happy ending.

I thought I had a bad day, his may be worse.


Duchessforthright Duchessforthright
2 Responses May 25, 2012

Very good story. :)

Awwe, that is sad, you have a kind heart Duchess. I hope things get easier for this man.

You would have done the same, Crone. I hope so too. Looked as if he just went to work and got some bad news;(

I am the type that drags them home and force feeds them.... :-)