My Powers

Note: If I actually had any of these powers I don't want massive power right at the beginning.. that would lead me to misuse them. I want to start small, example using number 1: can't understand any animal very well, only a few noises and at the very beginning only with small animals such as bugs or small dogs/cats. With huge amounts training & constant use, Elephants, whales and such. I suppose in a way I idolize Goku & Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z because the always trained so hard to get the powers they had. Same with anyone unrealistic or realistic that has done this.

Number 1: Shapeshifting. Sure my flying and immense strength (see #5) would allow me to go where ever I felt like going, but being a shapeshifter allow me to better communicate with animals if I am one of them.. or they think I am. And also.. beat that no trespassing signs.. I will just be an animal and do it anyway!! Umm.. one question though.. what would you readers do if sometime in the future.. Godzilla DID actually take up residence in NYC?
Just wondering..

Number 2: Able to talk to all animals. I would like to know how animals of different types think. Especially closely related animals such as cats of 2 different breeds. Do they share the same thought process or is it completely different?

Number 3: Able to see back in time, without the use of a time machine. Just your eyes. Example: Think of your house.. how old is it? Would you like to see what it was like and who might have lived there when it was brand new, Over 100 years ago? I am not sure if anyone else has thought up this "unique" power so at this moment I believe it to be an original.

Number 4: Cloning. I would like to be able to clone myself instantly whenever I felt like it. I could then be in 80 different places at once all learning things that would be transfered back to me when they dispelled themselves.

Number 5: Summoner. Summoning has ALWAYS been one of my favorite abilities ever since I started playing Diablo II back in 2004. I mean.. how cool would it be to summon your own personal army of whatever you wanted. Be it animals, food, good looking women, or even fictitious characters?
I would summon them all at the same time.. some how have an all you can eat Chinese & Japanese buffet on the backs of a pack giant wolves while you ride through  the Italian countryside with Kelly Clarkson, Kratos, Nathan Drake  & the members of the 90's rock band Slaughter: Mark Slaughter, Blas Elias, Dana Strum & Jeff Bland.

Number 6 & my most important powers: Able to control all elements: Wind, Water, Fire, Earth & Lightning. And be able fuse these elements to create new ones. If anyone reading this watches Naruto, Avatar, Fairy Tail & One Piece you will know what I am talking about.

Control of wind would give me the ability to fly/glide/hover & with a huge amount of training + combination with the Water element, the ability to control weather itself.

With a mastery of training with the water element, I could control the blood in a persons body, control lakes/rivers/oceans & bend them to my will as Aang did in the Avatar live action movie. Also giving the ability to eventually breathe underwater indefintely.

As Natsu & Ace do in the animes, mastery of the element fire. With this element I could control fire effortlessly, with training of course. Able to be ingulfed in flames and not burn/die. Sprout flames from any part of your body instantly. Combined with wind, fire would give greater flying speed and much increased power. Obviously.. haha.

The element of earth would most likely be the most powerful because of the things you can do with it. With earth element you could control molecules in just about any natural substance, wood or rock. and any materials created from those two bases. Shaping almost anything in to whatever you wish.

As for lightning.. I think it would be just be cool to stand outside in a thunderstorm and get hit by it and not have it affect you negatively. Mostly show-off factor. :)

Put all 5 mastered elements together and I think even God would be impressed and maybe even worried about you harnessing the power of the elements. The elements to me, are the most powerful things in the universe other than God himself.

If I had the power of the elements I would some really stupid things.. since i'm sure they would make you incredibly strong pyschially as well.

I would do things like: jumping off the side of the Grand Canyon, picking fights with wild animals, lions, tigers and bears. Not to kill them but just for fun.
Freefall out of airplanes at 50,000+ feet, blindfolded, without a parachute & wrapped in chains. Just really crazy stuff.. I think it be amazing video and a helluva lot of fun!

Also would attempt to stop world wars by threatning the countries starting them. In my mind this world would be mostly peaceful until the day I died. And by threatning I mean if one country attacked another I would tell them to step down, if they didn't I would start kidnapping the men & women giving the orders until they called it off.




TekkaNina4Life TekkaNina4Life
18-21, M
Apr 10, 2009