I think it would be awesome.I would like a twin brother.A boy who could look like me.Although i look much girlier then i wish to.Cause I am transgender.I wonder would that boy also have femme body like me?I always also wonder how my life would be if i was living with my twin.I wonder what his name would be(I imagine twin bro).I already have a younger brother.My mum wanted to name her son Oliver,although my brother has a different name and i chose mine myself.She gave me a girl name,cause i was raised as a girl,until my late teen years when i said enough of that,i'm clearly a boy.I don't like my name cause it's female.So i am Mihael now.Anyway,i would do all the cool stuff with my twin.It would be awesome to have someone around who thinks exactly like you.I wonder if he(my twin bro) would listen to the same music and like same clothes.He would probably like how i dress,cause i wear sports clothes,and which boy doesn't like that? I sometimes wonder if maybe i was supposted to be born with a twin,but something went wrong.Idk.But maybe i adopt twins one day.I will probably adopt all my kids.
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me too!!!! I would like to have a twin more than anything

i have a twin brother!
you know it!
aarshaam is special.he is really good but most of the twins have problem

yeah i know Aarshaam!!
what problem twins have?

some of them dont love to go to same class.to have birthday in one day

really? yeah i guess i never thought of it that way....they want their own identity and not to be always compared with their twin.also going to same class as yourt brother/sister is something that kids don't always want.they want to have different lifes,friends...a privacy from their brother/sister,not to be connected too much.and have a birthday on a different day,to have a feeling their birthday is special,that it's just 'their day'.
although that's not always the case,sometimes twins like to be close.
how is the case with you and Aarshaam?

we want to be like each other!!!!i will send the pic to you!

recieved a pic! :D

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No it's bad #nightmare lol

you have twin?


a sister or brother