Who Knows?

It would be nice for once to understand why everything happens. People say it's all for a reason, maybe just for a day it would be nice to understand those reasons. Why everyone seems to find love but me, why everyone seems to like my friends more, why i feel the need to justify everythin i do. Just once, i'd like to understand. Maybe the world would make more sense after one day of understanding, or maybe, i'd be more lose than ever.

Phynn Phynn
4 Responses Mar 18, 2009

Maybe you're right, there may not be a reason, I guess all I can do is hope there is and that maybe it is to make me the person I'm meant to be, or maybe one day I'll work out the right reason

*sigh* everything's much easier said than done. If only...<br />
If you really want a reason, I can only offer this: it all makes you who you are. It's not that great, I know, but at least it's something. Maybe the whole point is that we find our own reasons. Maybe there isn't a reason at all.

Its so much easier said than done, however.

If we knew why we're here life wouldn't be as important. Maybe it's best to just enjoy it, or at least try to.