Selective Amnesia

Just one specific chunk would be enough for me to make a clean break. I would permenantly erase about three years of my life. I don't think there would be a downside to this. So, how do we make it happen?

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Amnesia is terrifying. You'll feel the need to find out what went missing and when you do find out, it'll be even darker since you can't remember it.

Anesthesia is good too, drcynic.

hahahaha<br />
a whole quiz devoted to that?

I just saw one of those damned quizzes today....<br />
I wtk what color of orange you are?<br />

There's so much I need to erase that it wouldn't be worth it.<br />
<br />
I'd much rather have anesthesia than amnesia.

it's a variety of orange actually

Or orange. Or red. Or Clementine, cause that's a colour now.

do i have to dye my hair blue?

I know this guy in Czechien with a brightly lit wardrobe in a darkly lit alley, surging surgeon ambitions and a pair of really sharp scissors. Give him a tenner and a brain map and he'll whisky you up and cut any part of the brain you like. The whisky's so you don't think too much about the riskys. What do you think, wanna clear up your mind? I hear it feels a lot like eternal sunshine.

I have felt that way too at times . I have tried to search for a way to make amnesia work and I don't think there is a way that couldn't possibly harm the brain permanently . Yeah Bummer, I know but look at the bright side. Yes, believe it or not there is one. If you hadn't gone through the things you did, then you would not be who you are now and who you are now is awesome. :)