Well, I Live In Canada So the ...

Well, I live in Canada so the term President doesn't apply to me, BUT I am extremely aware of the United States politics and life as I feel that since there is such a tiny boarder between the two countries it only benefits me to know and try to understand what is, was and will be happening in the United States. Now please remember that this is simply my opinion, but I can not STAND George W. Bush, I do not trust him in anyway. I feel like he has his own agenda and the citizen's of the U.S. can go to hell in his thoughts. I think the Patriot Act gives him the power to be a dictator, and I feel that he has become one. When I see his face on television my skin crawls and hearing his condescending voice and remars makes me want to scream. Anyone who has paid attention to him, knows when he is talking from a prepared speech and when he tries to *wing it*. When he speaks for himself, he truly makes himself out to be the idiot he is!! I can hardly wait until the fool has to leave the office.
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I also agree. I love what I come from, but I hate the scorn it comes with. He us supposed to be a representative and a leader but 72% (at least news count) don't like him, and especially don't agree with him. It's very uncomfortable anywhere else until you can get across the point that most Americans aren't what America is right now (and believe me, we've been giving him trouble for some time now) but who wants to talk politics to new friends?

that's most of our sentiments also. Problem is, odds are he'll be replaced with another idiot. The patriot act is an embarrassment and a step backward for our freedoms and liberty. Heck, now they are going to require us to use passports to go back and forth to Canada with - sometimes I'm ashamed to admit where I am from.....