I come from a family that made their living from Veteran's benefits.  I honestly believe that it's only fair and good to compensate families that have a hardship due to a veteran's disability that came from serving his/her country.  My father is a Vietnam Veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  And if any of you have grown up in such a household, you know that every member of that family earned those benefits due to the pain and suffering.  Now, they're trying to cut those benefits.  They're trying to scam honest veteran's who served their country with all they had out of their hard earned money.  It's bad enough that their healthcare sucks (no dental or eye).  I went my entire childhood without dental care.  I'm lucky to have a tooth left in my mouth.  But asking these dysfunctional, elderly people to go out and get a job after they haven't worked in the better part of 20 years is unjust and pretty much unfeasable.

Also, my brother is autistic.  He doesn't make enough money from social security to even pull his weight around my parent's house.  That's awful to put that financial burden on families who have a handful enough just handling a disability.  No one did it to him, my brother was born that way.  And they offer him no adult education.  How is he expected to progress?  How do they figure that he will ever become a productive member of society when he has little education?  And the government just figures that he'll wake up one day, be completely free of his disability, and go get a job.

And what about those supposed Weapon's of Mass Destruction they were hiding overseas?  What happened to those?  We don't seem to be too focused on finding them anymore, do we?  All we're doing is jacking up the cost of living and gas prices with this ridiculous war.  What did we prove to the world by going over there?  We just proved that we're a big bully that has to control every aspect of the world that we don't exactly agree with.

I can't wait for 2008.

theophania theophania
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1 Response May 16, 2007

I agree with you if more people knew what our veterans are going through things would be different.<br />
How can we send people to war (legitimate or otherwise) and then neglect them when they come back?