People Must Be Like Sheep to Vote Him In Again

I WISH I HAD AN HONEST PRESIDENT.  California did not vote him in but all the other people who did WHAT WERE THY THINKING, or maybe they were not thinking.  ALL those soldiers being killed, for a useless war.  You can never win a war against people who find glory in blowing up themselves and others. HE IS ONE HARD HEADED SON OF O BUSH! 
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5 Responses Aug 8, 2007

Wake up people, he wasn't elected twice, It's arguable that he was elected the first time, the second time, he took his office.

Thank U for that 'The war is not about terrorism'. BUT THOSE R the ones who followed the leader and believed him and put him back! America needs to smooth out alot of things with the world leaders. Not every leader is Hitler..There R bigger powers out there. The US has no right to expect innocent people to keep dying in an unending war.. BUSH WAS FREEING THE PEOPLE /maybe but now he is just KILLING THOSE SAME PEOPLE. Unfortunately I believe the terrorists have more money/ and more intellegence than B...

This war is NOT about terrorism.

UK paper was right UK has alot of dumbies to allow all there terrorists to make UK's going to come back and bite them in the _ss

Wow Marji that's one skewed point of view.<br />
Anyway I think the Brits had it right when the UK Daily Mirror published on their front page "How can so many people be so dumb"