In The Bus

In high school I had to take the bus for 20 minutes to get back home from school.

Almost every times, my wandering mind would imagine I had the power of endless poop.

In my mind I would also be wearing infinitely extensible diapers or pants, and airtight leg bands and waist band, so that I could never ever change for the rest of my life.

I would also imagine that I had a girlfriend, and that we were both trapped for life in the same sleeping bag, and both pooping on command unbelievable quantities of poop. And the sleeping bag had closable holes for legs and arms, so when not having sex or sleeping, we would dress up over the sleeping bag like double-headed siamese twins, and go outside and act like if everything was normal. (while on the inside, we would still be pooping, and using our free hand to **********.)

My imagination gets wild when I'm bored & horny.
f3l1x4r f3l1x4r
22-25, M
Sep 13, 2012