When It Counts

For a long time I have wanted a job where I could help people out with their lives by chatting with them. I thought that if i did some voluntary work with the Samaritans (a phoneline) it would help my CV (AKA resume). After the introductory session I was given a lift to my flat by someone else who joined that day. She immediately put the music on the car & we started talking about how music helps you & is good for the soul. Just as she pulled up for my flat I started quoting a line from a song 'God is a DJ' (by Faithless) and she followed up by quoting the next line - 'Last night a DJ saved my life'. She sounded like she meant it. I was trying to get out of the car (because we had arrived) and I said 'How do I get out of this?' (meaning the car). Talk about bad timing!!! Maybe she thought I meant how do I get out of helping her?? I never saw her again, she wasn't at the following training session. And the traing session put me off from continuing with the work & it turned out I wouldn't be allowed to put in on my CV anyway. Good thing to if if that's how rubbish I'ld be.

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1 Response Jun 16, 2007

Oh dear!! Sometimes the simplest communciation misunderstanding can cause a world of trouble. Perhaps more an opportunity for friendship lost than you being a bad friend (you'd just met her after all!). On a tangent, if you still have that urge to help people through conversation, I am certain that you could do it well with sufficient training. Most counselling is active listening in any case, and just a little bit of practice and experience will rapidly iron out any faux-pases.