Always Rather Too Late to Do Anything About It.

Friendships - the making of them, the enjoying of them, the nuturing of them and the maintaining of them - are quite a complicated skill to learn.

Some people are just good at it, but I had to learn how to. It's a shame, because I could have learned from some of the best, but instead I seem to have never quite shaken the habit of making and then losing friends a few years later.

Ironically, I pride myself on being a good friend, and on doing my best to never do wrong by my friends. And yet, as I have discovered over the years, my grandest ambitions in that regard have failed. One way or another, it's proven hard for me to not inadvertantly cause hurt or similiarly negative outcomes, even if it's only been subtle and obvious in retrospect.

But what can we do, other than keep learning and trying?
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Well, friendship is all about taking and giving as well. It is not actually a lesson for you to learn, and a friendship does not have to be demanding so don't get too stressed up if you happen to have an argument with a friend. A friend always understands even though he/she may not agree.

I have felt that way too. In fact, I was just thinking about this recently!<br />
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I've always considered myself such a good friend but as I get older I look back on prior friendships and see that there were things that I'd do or say differently. Yes, live and learn I guess, but it IS always hindsight that gives us such clarity!