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in all my other sories you'll hear me whine and complane about how every friend i have leaves me in the end and never wants to hear from me again. well there was one person who was different. she and i were inseperable. we both were self manipulators and suicidal and we helped eachother get through each day for two years. we had a falling out, over something stupid, honestly it was so dumb i don't even remember what it was. my therapists and boyfriend thought that she was a bad influence on me and told me to stop talking to her, i was pissed so i did. i then realized how dumb it was. how much i needed her, how much she had helped me. i tried hopelessly to reconnect, but she is a very stubborn person who can hold a grudge forever, and she hates me now. and i hear through friends, and through her blogs and such, how far she's fallen. she hurts herself all the time, and i just wish i could help her through another night, like i used to, on the phone for hours, talking about nothing at all, both of us just making sure we were still alive and knowing the other cared. but i can't get her back. and i've been trying to stop living in the past. but i can't help but wish i had been smarter from the start. i miss her everyday. and being a singer she's become the inspiration for some of my best songs... i love that girl. and i wish her the best. her name is alicia. and i will miss her forever.
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this sounds really similar to what happened to me.<br />
it really sucks, doesn't it?

i loved this story.