Here's a Trick

So do I, giraffedoll. You gotta work whatcha got. Do you like to craft or anything? Making jewelry is easy, fun and cheap. Thrift stores are fab. for finding cheap, funky clothes. No one else has 'em, so everyone will want 'em. Also, a belt can make an outfit. They're easy to make and you can use the fabric (maybe of old clothes) you want, embellish, whatever. Get creative and you'll have a hip wardrobe. I know where you're coming from, though. Lemme know if anything interests you-I'm more than happy to give you directions, tips and/or pointers.
Etesian Etesian
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2 Responses Jul 23, 2007

...I'm collecting old, ripped jeans for a quilt for my teens bed... oh and find pants that are a bit short, either cut and sew for capris or add a cute material trim to match your tops... Love crafts and sewing...

Thrift stores take time, but they are a great resource for finding some great clothes, cheap.