I don't have many close friends except for two named Jason and Chris. lately, it feels as if we've been drifting apart because they each have love interests that they're interested in and over the course of our friendship, I have been feeling a little distance because I'm not really included that much whenever the two do something together; I'm usually the one that has to initiate an invitation most of the time. Last month, their friend named Shelby threw some sort of party on the weekend and Jason and I were dating at the time and he knew how excited I was for it because Chris, him, and myself haven't done anything in a party-esque scene together yet. It then turned out that I wasn't invited by Shelby (which is understandable because he doesn't know me well, though when I met him he was an elitist jerk) and instead of directly telling me, Jason (who was supposed to be driving us) cancelled and said that he had a bad headache. I don't know if this was true or not, because he and Chris went to the party anyway behind my back instead of telling me what happened and defending me from their friend and suggesting an alternative for the three of us to do if he still didn't invite me. The two of them also weren't that close to Shelby and haven't been invited to anything he had until recently. I confronted Jason about it and his only response was that he didn't know how to tell me since he didn't want to hurt my feelings and didn't know how to handle the situation. he also said that he and Chris were on the fence about going and didn't know anyone there. It was a bad moment, ESPECIALLY when the person I was dating at the time didn't defend me, reassure, or suggest something else that included me, but I got over it. The two have sort of improved as well and have invited me to go to places like Best Buy and IKEA with them and we've eaten at some restaurants, but a part of me feels like it's not really sincere and, from that party thing and how they haven't invited me that much before it feels like they're passive-aggressively telling me that they don't want me around, but are taking pity on me.
jamie1292 jamie1292
26-30, M
Aug 19, 2014