Hate Hate Hate Hate My Teeth

I have always had horrible teeth ever since the first ones i got when i was a baby!!!

I fell over at 3 when i had a dummy in my mouth and that meant i had a black broken tooth right at the front!!! Oh the joy!

I have so many fillings and crooked teeth and i have had a fix brace! I had it for 2 years and it made my teeth so beautiful and straight i loved them so much but then!!!!

My wisdom teeth grew and pushed the teeth back to how they were originally!!!
My teeth are so weak tho so i cant have another brace even if i begged!!!

I actually have looked into having cosmetic dentistery but i really dont think i could get a loan for that!!! So for now i just have to grin and bear it!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
1 Response May 26, 2007

i love crooked teeth.