Everyday :(

I wish i had nice teeth. I wish i could smile with confidence and not want to cover my mouth. I'm fortunate enough to have had parents able to pay for braces when i was younger, otherwise they would have been much, much worse. They were a little crooked, then i got braces. But then, i got addicted to coca cola and cigarettes. Well, while i was in highschool and had braces, i didn't really look after my teeth too well. And so when they took the braces off, you could see where they had been. They're not disgusting. But i hate them. I just wish they were nice and white and didn't have yucky stains on them. But i guess i can't blame any one but myself since i drink soooo much coke. And cigarettes don't exactly help with whitening either...

jasminjane jasminjane
18-21, F
Feb 26, 2009