My Perfect Sized Breasts Would Be...

my perfect sized breasts would be a full C-cup.
right now i'm packing a pair of small B-cups.
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10 Responses Mar 8, 2010

You'll be happy with those smaller girls later on in your life! It makes it much easier to defy gravity!

For the record... I love B's!

what wrong with having B-cup breast thy still bounce when you walk you hubby loves them i like all size breast but the smaller the better like to take the hole breast into my mouth

i think enhanced boobs look great too! I am a non-discriminant boob lover!

I agree a C-cup would be perfect. Much better than the A-cup I have now.

It actually depends a lot on your fr<x>ame size. I do believe there are some women who would look better (a personal opinion, btw) with larger breasts, but I will say that generally those women are A cups. I've never seen a woman with a B cup that needed an enhancement, and I also like that size because they age quite well! ;)<br />
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Assuming the fuzzy profile picture is you, you don't need any enhancement BJL. They're about as perfect as perfect gets.

baby dont change athing i love perky **** like that

Your boobs are already great.

At this point I've reached the conclusion that cup size is meaningless. You are what is commonly referred to as well-endowed, or large-busted.

There is nothing wrong with B-cups.<br />
I realise us men tend gape at the larger variety, but from experience I can tell you, that's mostly boys being boys, something to talk about among themselves.<br />
While the larger variety may attract those that want to get in your pants, they may not be lifetime partner material.<br />
Personally at almost 70 years of age, I can count on one hand the number I've had with a C+(I won't count the rest), where as my partner of 36 years who has passed away was like you a B-cup.<br />
She used to make a point letting me know if a well endowed women happened to be in view just to tease me, she new I liked to look but was never fearfull of it.<br />
I still like to look at them, I guess I'm still a boy in that.