Colored Contacts Just Don't Cut It

Since I can remember, I have wished and longed to have blue eyes. It seems like with or with out makeup, They bring a bright happy color to ones face. Brown is not a striking happy color TO ME. It is that of a dead leaf, dried up grass, rotting anything. It has no shine, no sparkle. Almost evey time I look in the mirror I feel bad. I have many dreams at night whre my eyes are blue, and it is the happiest feeling, then I wakeup.

I think to myself, so many peoople have blue eyes, why couldn't have been me? Those who do have them should feel so lucky. Even when I try to where colored blue contacts, its just not the same. They do look somewhat fake, and you have to take them out, they are not always yours.

Anyone else feel this way?

aKittensLove aKittensLove
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3 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Don't feel bad because you have brown eyes! No eye color is better than another. I love brown eyes because they're sweet and adorable. Blue eyes look really gray sometimes, and light eyes frequently look really weird, because sometimes it just blends in with the whites if your eyes, and you look like a psychopath from far away. And with blue eyes, you can basically only wear neutral eyeshadow colors. With brown, you can wear any eyeshadow colors you want! Another thing is that when you have light hair and blue eyes, everyone assumes you're racist and/or dumb and/or you're a ditz who only likes pop music. There are advantages and disadvantages to all eye, skin, and hair colors.

I kinda understand you. I have dark green eyes tinted with brown and I have always wished that they were super light green or green/blue. <br />
However this is just a cherry on top type of wish. I like my eyes, they actually sparkle and people compliment me on them all the time. <br />
The shape of the eye is often more important than the shade. I have seen many blue-eyed people with pinched squinty eyes, that's not pretty at all! My cousin has brown eyes that look like beautiful amber stones and they sparkle with her personality. <br />
I bet if you start liking something about your eyes people will start noticing them. In the meantime play up your other pretty parts like nice hair or cute lips...and forget about contacts. They look fake as hell and nothing says insecure like brown eyes peeking behind blue paint.

i have blue eyes and they are nothing special. i have small eyes so ...<br />
<br />
my friend has beautiful green eyes and u know wat?she wants to have brown eyes.i think no matter wat colour no one is ever going to be fully satisfied.if u had been born with blue eyes u would have wanted brown or green. u should try to forget about it. or if u really want them u could get contacts