Boob Envy

I can't seem to walk down the street or in a store anymore without admiring those who are well endowed. I know many women would say that it isn't all it is cracked up to be, but I would still like to have a pair. I can only imagine the feeling of having them and having someone fondle them. I guess I am just envious or a little jealous. I admire you all.
Mustanglisa54 Mustanglisa54
56-60, M
2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Thank you so much for the advice and encouragement. That is why I joined EP, to get great advice and encouragement to continue dressing, improve and become more fem.

Hi lisa honey I am a male/tg and i have natural C-cups if you friend me you'll see them and women have them becouse them are ment to breast feed/but they have covered them for the last 500 years or so this made they boobs a sexual thing to tease and seduce with. we sissies / tg tv ts/ want them to be fem as we can be, becouse of the way things are now once you have them you must keep them covered or be arested, I do have fun with mine and they are part of sex now for me. I go to a store and Idon't wear a bra becouse that makes them stick out to much,but then they jiggle an bounce. I had a lady in walmart come up tto me and tell me I need a bra, I told her I have twenty of them and they are al nicer than hers. I have to wear a t-shirt to swim in public I can't work in my own yard with my shirt off. But there good sides too if want to pick up a guy all I do is wear my balcony bra and let the catch a few peeks and them start making passes,even if I'm in male clothes. some guys go nuts over them and some don't and think it's freaky. When I dress fem they do make me look and feel more natural and they do get the same treatment as the ladys get with their's witch is not allway that good. so if you realy want them get a e-book call From flat to fem it will help yougrow a nice pair but it will take time and money and you have to follow the book's methed.