Wishing Never Hurt Anyone

I am a crossdresser and have been for about 10 years now. But over the years it has grown from just wearing fem clothes to wanting to be a woman. Now i want to have boobs. A boob job i way to expensive and breast enlargement pills are up there too! But i found that with a lil bit of research and a few dollars for herbs i can grow 100% natural breast and if im lucky they could even lactate too! I cant wait!

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Hello; As I sit here pumping my breasts and very happy with my 40D breasts . My breasts are very heavy and firm at this time. Lactating for this man is a wow not much at this time but I know it will flow with my every day pumping. My breasts are so much fun and when they on there own ( no bra ) wow. My breasts are very firm and heavy now and full with milk or stuff . I enjoy them more and more every day. To have your own Breast as a man is fun.<br />

I too love having boobs and through much effort have grown a set of 36 B and hopefully still growing. There is a site on here Lucille Sorella of Pren Publishing that helps with male breasts. My wife also enjoys my breasts, and I have to tell you that while her bras don't fit me we do share other clothes and I completely enjoy being submissive to her.

I dream of having a large bosom and nursing my baby

I too love it to have big Boobs. I rather Dream of it everyday. I wear Bras with pads and the get the packed with cottons. Good luck dear

Just be careful. Sometimes herbs have side effects too. Check them out carefully and maybe talk with your family doctor.<br />
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Be safe. Good luck. i know the feeling well too.