Each Day I Wish For A Pair Of My Own .

I desperately wish for my own pair of breast . Warm , natural , firm C-cups . To be caressed and admired , licked and sucked by both sexes . I would compliment my breast with the finest and sexiest bras and corsets . All my tops would scream "look what's in here " But in the mean time , my D-cup stick ons are real enough for the lookers and me .
26-30, M
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Me too... My **** are quite large for a guy, but as I'm a fairly large guy anyhow, they really need to be a cup size or two bigger; they're somewhere between B and C cup I think, probably nerarer B judgeing by the fit I get from my bras; But with a 48 inch chest, I'd probably not even be noticed as having **** if I got up to a C cup, in public, I find the creams, herbal suppliments to be very confusing, not least as half of them clearly have made up claims about them, and cost an absolute fortune... Just Breast massage has worked well for me, though, no need to wildly change body chemistry, and its fdefiantely made them, if not bigger, per sai, then 'fuller', if that makes sense... The creams and herbals and potions are still tempting though, if one can just find the right ones to go for..

Me too

Maybe your sister will help, getting you hormones so you grow your own, Sophia. My wife did with me, knowing I wanted breasts and a more feminine body she talked to our doctor about it and now I fill a C-cup.

I hear you Sis. I want mine big enough so that I can suck on on while my wife sucks from the other. Like you I would get all of my tops tailored to accent my breasts. Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

Try breast enlarging pumps and breasts enlarging cream, it worked on me but took a long time, worth waiting even for two years to 38B. during that time you would be excited to see them growing! Be pateince. Hugs