No One Is Really There

I get really irritated when people are around me for a while,
I then zone out and become uninterested.
But I would prefer that than what I am now.
I've recently become one of those people who focuses her life around her boyfriend,
I call him my friend, lover etc
It's bad though because when he isn't there,
and no one else is there
I realize just how alone I am,
and really wish I had one or two folks I could call 'close friends'
And it's not like I don't have mates,
they are college mates, the mates I say hi and bye too,
not one you would confide in, give manicures to, go to the movies with,
or just chat for fun! it's impossible with these people.
it's rather sad really.
KeironKeller KeironKeller 18-21, F 3 Responses Apr 13, 2012

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I've given up most of my friends for my now ex husband because he was jealous of them. The other day I told him guess who I get to call when I'm having a bad time ....

no one. So now I'm trying to rebuild the few friends that I kept in contact with. I agree sometimes u just need someone to do nothing but hangout with. No expectations just simple girl time.

I'll have a manicure lol. Talk to me till your blue in the face just keep feeding me cups of tea and get my nails looking good and I'll listen.

Yes it really sad to be around like that. Well said, "But I would prefer that than what I am now"

most definitely. Thanks.
so whats your story then :)