No Friends

I have no friends, I have people I talk to but no one I call friends. When I was younger I had such good friends, but my parents got divorced and I moved to a different part of town. I was bullied and teased for so many years. I am shocked I am still alive. Bit I met my husband and had 3 wonderful kids...... Is that all I need? I dont think so, I want friends.....
Kandis75 Kandis75
3 Responses May 23, 2012

I have NF1 and seizures, few friends. Kids can be mean and teens are worst.

I too have a lovely husband and two wonderful kids. I hang out with my daughter, but she has lots of friends, and it's a mother she needs me to be, not a friend (she's nineteen). Family aren't replacements for friends, I hope I can find at least one.

you can find good friends, philosophizer,caretaker just you go on search