Weird Town Or Weird Me ?

I do have friends, if I go out at night I stop by say hi to hundred of people.

Some of them are really happy to see me, but in life we act weird: when I know I have few things in common with somebody I do not consider him/her so much, and this is not a good thing. Then I don't (I really don't) like to be in a circle where I am forced, forced to spend, to be in a place, to do what the "friends" say.. this is a kind of fear to me, and I recognize it. Also because on the other side sometimes I am alone, and to go out I don't have somebody to call and say let's go out.

Still.. this town is a place where people use to meet each other in places, like a bar, and I have few different hobbies people don't really follow... I can't find somebody to skate with or play music with..I see in other places I can meet friends of this kind but not over here..well .. I cannot change myself.. well.. time to go find somebody, I go to the bar. seeya!
CrookedMat CrookedMat
26-30, M
Dec 2, 2012