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At the moment I feel down n dumps. I have a teenage daughter who I cant connect with. I have one or two or sometimes no friends to share. I get into relationships which are mostly damaging. I recently resigned from my job, getting over a relationship, handling a teen ager who is a complete stranger to me.

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That is very very true....only we had the consistency to do that without giving in to self pity. Thanks for reminding me though. I have been benefited a lot in the past though sometimes I had victimised myself.

Dear Maya,

We all are alone in our life, please don't get depressed and make your life happy by making others happy. When we try to make ourselves happy we get into trouble. Please try to make others happy, you will be a happiest person.


New Delhi.

07.01.2013; 22:43

Hi....nice to hear........thank you. Its just not family problems but trying to understand what people in general want. For me love makes the world go around but looks like money makes it whih am not inclined towards which means that dont I have place..........

Hi Angel, That was so refreshing to read. I am so happy just to feel connected and reassured. Thank you loads

Hi Angel, That was so refreshing to read. I am so happy just to feel connected and reassured. Thank you loads

You're not alone in being alone. Sometimes the only time, we grow is when we are alone.
Getting over a relationship, letting go, no matter how painful, is usually the best, most brave thing to do to get on with your life.
To learn to respect yourself, value your self-worth,no beat yourself up comparing yourself to others, to nurture yourself, to value growing versus devaluing yourself or others, to end relationships that are confusing, manipulative, draining, unhealthy because of the uncertainity of being alone, is
to never live your own life, to be true to yourself
It's important when down in the dumps, to still value yourself, it's not about how other people feel about you, it changes as quickly as the weather.
One day no one wants to know you, for whatever reason
and another day, you are popular, for no known reason.
You should still befriend yourself,
and whether you are alone at the moment,
few friends (better than toxic many friends)
is to accept the value of where you are at the moment
Your not alone in being alone
and being alone sometimes is the best thing, the only way to grow