Where Were You When I Needed You

I was always a popular person in school. I had the highest grades so it was normal for people to ask me for academic assistance. Of the many people I assisted I would say I bonded with the majority of them and considered most of them my friends.After school we would go and have a few beers, play some pool or just hang out.
  I graduated over a year ago and out of those 30 or 40 people I considered my friends only 2 or 3 have kept in contact with me. This goes to show that people are only your friends when they need something from you.
 My lowest point was a couple weeks ago. My brother died in a car accident. I was devastated  and in need of moral support.Only 1 or 2 of my "friends" from college called or sent texts offering support and condolences.
It really hurt. In my time of need when I needed them, after all I have done to help them they could not take just 1 minute to call or text and say i am sorry for your loss.
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

I had a similar experience in school but I lost my dad instead of my brother. Only two of my friends showed up and they both went there separate ways after that. To this day, I don't really have any friends and little family. It sucks sometimes but for the most part, it's probably best. I'm sorry for your loss. It's kind of like losing an arm or leg...the sadness never really goes away but over time, you learn to live with it.

No offense, but, it only means that they only used you. 'Cause, it's just like what you've said, you're clever. Now that their business with you is through, they'd just throw you away. Putting you aside, just like nothing. They are what we call "fake friends". And those who stayed with you no matter what happens, are what we call "true friends". But atleast, you have have them with you, right? I think, that's enough. :)