Growing up i always had a few friends...and like the thing with me is i have alot of good friends..not the type to actually go hang out and bring home 2 just act dumb if anything tell secrets ... i always have less close friends than actual real ones...i dont know how to explain it but i grew up with only myself and family... i just graduated from my old school..i would rather say i have okay friends in the middle.. not the type that would last Forever...
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Time changes, and you learn to be patient with yourself. I just graduated from high school, and I know who are my real friends. The ones who just entered and the ones who haven't left. You can't always just think about the negative in life, because then your stuck constantly reminding yourself of the crappy things, rather than the happy things. I have close friends that will always be there for me, and I will always be there for them <3

What is a real friend. What do you offer as friend? These are questions I ask myself.

maybe u could count all of us here at the E.P as one close friend [or more]. It's a start! :D