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A couple weeks ago I was having a pretty rough nite. Sitting on my canopy bench in the back yard I scrolled through my phone for someone to talk to. My best friend was out watching a band so I really didn't want to ruin her evening. And I could not find anyone that I really wanted to open up to and tell them what was going on with me.  I wish I had some more CLOSE friends . Just a lot of acquaintances. That is one thing I am trying to change about my life.
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6 Responses Jul 8, 2007

How do you make an acquintance a friend? Find common ground or fake it till you make it? Trust that person not to judge you? Keep from judging them? hmmmm

Talk about things your interested in other like minded people will join in. Some of those people will become friends. most wont, who cares.

I know exactly how you feel. I have "thousands" of acquaintances but not a single real close friend, male or female. Will you be my friend?

I totally know how you feel. I have a couple people know, but before it was tough. I journalled. I really had to become my best friend. It works the other way to. If something excited is happening in your life, you want someone who will jump up and down with you.

Try and rekindle some old relationships from school, etc. it's a good place to start

As am I in the search for even that of more friends...for i've pushed so the thoughts of gotta have it...till I get it.....then don't need it??? I wish I wasn't this way... It's always nice to have someone to share with whenever and always...with no worries. or let downs.

Funny... I have one truely best friend but her religious views prevent me from sharing w/o a speech & prayer. Venting on here seems to help me though... writing in general...