I have lived in basically the same area my whole life. I talk to a lot of people but I can't really call any of them my "best friend". Some are closer than others to me,but I wish they were closer than they are and I wish I had more of them. It bothers me because I can't really talk to anyone about any of my problems. I feel like I have no one I can truly lean on.

But I am glad that I found experience project. It helps me to know that I can actually get my feelings out and I can talk about whatever I want and no one can judge me.<3

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friend <br />
here you will find what you want .<br />
with persons that feel your pain . and conforts you in adversity<br />

Ditto here on that point too.....sad...

I know what you mean. I have friends but not very good ones and over the years we have grown further apart. My so call friends are always quick to judge or hate as I like to call it. my situation is more so misery loves company if no one else is happy with their life they try to bring me down too but I won't let them. The only person I can really talk to is my boyfriend but when it a problem with him I have no one to turn to so I come on here and vent and it always makes me feel better

No-one judges you but no-one really listens too.