Miss the time I used to have great friends close to me. This is so sad.
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I know how you feel. It's depressing.

I'm currently looking for a best friend too, I just don't know how to start

So do I.

Yes I had good friends too, now it's hard to keep one, maybe they don't have time for me maybe they're too busy maybe I want too much maybe I haven't been a good friend I don't know

Oh, I bet you were a good friend. People are weird. Sometimes they just get tired, everyone have this feeling, I guess. But don't worry, when we drift apart from someone it's because we are going to meet someone much better. My theory of life, hah.

You are probably right hopefully some good or better friends are put there? We just have to be open and wiling to jet them in and be I friend back!!! You are an awesome person with a ton of wisdom! Stay strong! I am praying for you!!

Aw, thank you, darling. This is very nice. I'm going to stay strong.

Maybe the problem it's not us, but them.

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Yeah I understand. It's inevitable that people will drift apart. I hope you make some new friends who are just as good if not better :)

You're right, but I wish people just could stay and not will drift apart. But, yeah, so do I. I hope I make some new friends soon. =)

I do too. All my best friends from high school are gone and it feels like I've been left behind. It's hard to find people who will stay with you for any great length of time. But if you do find them, don't let them go, they're a keeper :)
Don't worry, I'm sure you will.

I see. It feels like I've been just let my old friends go. But surely, when I find these new friends, I won't let them go. And so do you, darling. =)