My best friend (former now) would use me for a ride. She'd never want to talk or hangout unless she needed something from me. Now I'm without a best friend or even a close friends and I see people post all their happy days with their friends on Facebook and I'm sitting at home all alone.
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I'll be your friend

I went thru this myself.I had to actually delete Facebook from my phone because I began to compare everyone's happiness, friendships, lives, EVERYTHING to mines. It made me really depressed. I'm like why don't I have close friends to do allll these things with? Why am I alone all the time & no one wants to hang out with me?

I would say don't glue yourself on Facebook it's're still young you have plenty of opportunities and time to make new best friends and learn your lesson from the last one. I hope this helps =)

Swettheart that is NOT a best friend---you find out as you get older that your TRUE friends number about 5 on one hand---be yourself and you'll be amazed the friends you'll have(without being used)

You could start right away, initially making a lot of acquaintances right here and allow yourself the liberty of interaction and thus be friends with those nice like you and compatible and selfless. That would engage you away from the negativity about a person, who was never worth a friend and the positivity about how different you are.

I am mostly friendless, too. I've found that going out to malls and walking around helps to pass the time, and keep my thoughts free from "loneliness". Doesn't always work all the time, and I wish I also had someone or some friends to spend the time with, even though I don't talk much.

I will be your friend if you want one

So sad I suggest u to watch "look up" in youtube :)

Thank you for recommending this video. It was amazing!

Sure is :)

Well your not alone doll.. seems now days there are more users than friendly people.