I need to have more new friends that are just honest and really someone I can get along with and be able to stay and catch up with me all the time and not ditch me
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Friends are like winning the lottery. You take you're chances. You either win or loose. Friends are over rated. I'm younger than you and I'm dealing with that myself. I feel everyone who feels like that cuz the people who aren't alone don't understand until they loose their respect.

I truly get this feeling. I wish I had more real and honest friends. Someone who can talk and listen and allow me to just be me.

People here seem willing to chat, and that helps. It can be hard to get out and meet new people. Find something of interest, and get involved. Volunteer somewhere and you'll be surprised at people who have similar feelings. Don't know your situation, but if you come home, watch TV and drink, that gets hard to break and makes things worse. Here to listen and pulling for you.

count me in.

I feel you. I'm not trusting easy people and I had a friend that I was feeling very close to her but she prefers her 6-months-boyfriend over our 4 years friendship! My sister is so lucky to this matter her friend group are 8-10 people and she's close-trust-almost-no secrets level with the 3 of them

Yes this would be a nice thing, I am always looking for new friends, but honest and true ones are so hard to come by :(

if you ever feel the need to talk or just BS, message me or email me

Thanks I will <3

ok , here i am

u will soon find many here.

I would love to be your friend :)

Thank u