When I had friends I didn't feel like I was alone. But I felt like they were never with me or on my side cuz they were always chilling with other people. Now that I have no friends I'm lonely but I don't feel any pain. Is it better to be alone and not feel any pain or have friends that hang out with other ppl more than they hang out with you ?
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Honestly the amount of friends don't matter. Ya see I had many friends before as we'll but slowly lost most of them and now I don't do much. I just work lots and hang with my family

True. And yeah same here. That's all I do myself.

It an awsome feeling when ya have kids and a girl and all that matters is them. When ya get older ya will realize that some friends stay and some go but in the end it's who is close that matters

Whats wrong the Kam sisters .. they diss you?

Same... Although I do have friends. I just choose whether I have them or not tbh.

Most of the time when we go to town I stray off and make friends with other people.

But remember friends are only temporary, always depend on yourself.