I've always had a hard time connecting with people. It's because I'm very introverted by nature and also got bullied a lot when I was in school so I've never been comfortable around people. People keep telling me I need to get out more and go to bars to meet people but being in a loud crowded bar with a bunch of drunk strangers doesn't appeal to me at all. A lot of people love that but I hate it. It makes me feel even more alone. I wish there were more quiet places I could go and meet people more like me.
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Quiet places to meet people: church, book club, community class in something you're interested in, community service/volunteer project...

I wish there was someone I could take a coffee with every once in a while. It would be great to get out of the house :-)

Sounds delicious! Please poar me a cup :-)

So many ways to get to the same place. I am a loner and besides family, and my wife, and only interact with people superficially. I have always been like this. I never was good at connecting with people. Always a bit of a loner. At this point I have a couple who are now out of town that I had once called friends, and lots of acquaintances that I never see. When I am with people, I am outgoing, but I really don't connect, or at least I don't feel I do.

I know exactly what you mean as far as being introverted. Sometimes I literally feel trapped behind my closed mouth and being able to speak up - I pray you meet someone and it has a domino effect -

I have recently had "a life event" that moved me away from all my close friends and it is hard finding new ones. I can, that is not the problem, I just want to feel like I fit in with a click or group of good people I call my closest friends!

Yeah, that is me, too! The older I get the harder it seems!!! But the truth is that I feel specially difficult, and I certainly don't connect with everybody and I don't want to, also! Meeting true people with whom I share interests is not easy!

Good to know that soneone loves you unconditionally, isn't it! And it won't get an better than that! True friendship does never come easy!